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The Bouillon Weekly: #SochiProblems

Dear Readers,

After a brief hiatus, the Bouillon Weekly has returned.  Our new co-Editors in Chief, Katherine McNamara of McGill and Eli Zivot of Concordia, will be taking turns to bring you a weekly roundup of the best of the Bouillon, as well as some other newsworthy events.

This week, Sochi is all anyone has been talking about.  Since the February 6 Opening Ceremony, the world has been scrutinizing Russia for any mishaps or inconsistencies in its administration of the Games.  At $51 billion, the Sochi Games are the most expensive Olympics in history, yet allegations of fraud and mismanagement have persisted amongst international critics of Vladimir Putin and his administration.

Indeed, small glitches have been making themselves known to the international community.  Those who were watching the Opening Ceremony might have been struck by the sight of one of the Olympic Rings malfunctioning, while reports of the incomplete or even dangerous hotel rooms of journalists covering the Games went viral in the lead up to the events.  There were also reports of dangerous conditions for athletes: American snowboarder Shaun White made headlines when he pulled out of the Slopestyle event following an accident he had during a practice run.  White was one of several snowboarders who suffered accidents when couldn’t adjust to the treacherous conditions of the Slopestyle track.  For the most part, the Games have gone off with minimal disruptions, but with another week to go until the Closing Ceremonies, #SochiProblems might still make trouble for athletes, journalists, and spectators.  If you can’t get enough of the Games, check out what Daniel Stysis has to say about the link between sports and politics.  In other regional news, Concordia’s David Hughes has a briefing on the crisis in Ukraine for those who haven’t been following the protest movement.

Several important developments have also been happening in American politics.  M’Lisa Colbert has more on Obama’s pledge to implement unilateral action in the face of the partisanship that has come to characterize his presidency, while Yuan Yi Zhu discusses the recent controversy surrounding the execution of Dennis McGuire in Ohio.

That’s all for now readers – stay tuned for more political coverage this coming week, and be sure to follow the Political Bouillon on Instagram (thepoliticalbouillon) and Twitter (@ThePoliBouillon).

-Katherine McNamara


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