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Earlier this week the world experienced an unprecedented medical breakthrough; an American toddler infected with HIV, through the administration of standard HIV medication from 30 hours year old, has been effectively cured. Doctors are hopeful that this same kind of treatment process might be effective with other infants. Politically speaking, this could be world changing – it begs the question, what would a world without HIV be like? For the first time, such a world might begin to be imaginable.

Earlier this week, the longtime leader of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, died from a heart attack after a long bout with cancer. What does his death mean for the future of Venezuela? Opportunity exists in Post-Chavez Venezuela by Tiffany Lam. Haiti has been wrought with misfortune for the better part of recent memory, and it looks like in the case of a cholera epidemic – the United Nations might be at fault: A Convention on the Immunities of Global Power  by M. Polar. When workers found their factories abandoned and their livelihoods ruined they took matters into their own hands; Workers of the World Unite! Worker Collectives in Greece and Argentina by Molly Korab.

The election of so many young MPs as part of the last federal election’s “orange wave” had many concerned. So whatever happened to them?  Measuring up the McGill MPs by Nadir Khan. Looks like Washington doesn’t paint such a pretty picture – what will government spending cuts mean for jobs in the capital and beyond? From Snowquesters to Pay Freezes: What the Frigid political climate in Washington means for the Economy by Alexander Moon.

South Africa needs to reform if they want to live up to their socio-economic and political potential. Read more in The Rainbow Nation Fades: South Africa’s Political Sclerosis by Alexander Langer.  More on South African politics – read  South Africa, Shattered by Gender-Based Violence by Chloe Giampolo.

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Student of World Religions and Political Science at McGill University. Meagan joined The Political Bouillon last year in hopes of being able to keep writing and editing, as well as foster her interests in international politics. As Managing Editor. Through her position she helps the Bouillon evolve into stronger and more comprehensive publication that embodies the myriad of opinions and perspectives it represents.

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