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The French can declare a victory in Mali (at least for now) when President Hollande made a quick stop in Timbuktu to rally around and congratulate his troops. There is no doubt that the French President’s approval rating has received a much needed boost especially after the recent Eurozone jobs result shows a record level of unemployment. While the tensions in North Africa seem to have been contained, unsurprisingly the Middle East is continuing to simmer. John McMullan sent us an insightful piece about the recent alleged Israeli air strike within Syria’s borders, and what that means in the broader context of the crisis in Syria.

On a similar note, we can now mark the 2nd anniversary since the uprising of Tahir Square and truly help fuel the Arab Spring. Much to the dismay of Western nations, democratically elected President Morsi appears to be facing mounting criticism and violence among the people. But after two years, can one man truly be blamed for continued ills in the country? After all, institutional foundations, trust and the economy take time to settle and grow. Samuel Ramani gives us a rundown on the current political situation in Egypt after two years.

Coming back to our shores, our very own Managing Editor Meagan Potier published the first part of her series on abortion in the United States and I highly recommend you give it a read. Did I mention that Ms. Potier actually read the Obamacare bill unlike the majority of Congress?

Going South of the border, one of our Concordia writers Ralph Muzquiz gives us an in-dep analysis of the Zapatista Army of Liberation in Mexico after the hacker group Anonymous infiltrated the Mexican Defense Ministry supporting the Zapatista movement.

Finally, I encourage all of our readers (especially Canadians) to Nadir Kahn’s articles following the political stories coming out of Parliament. His recent post looks into the profile of the Green Party leader Elizabeth May; don’t be fooled by her image as she has amassed a reputation as a fierce political figure.


Alexander Gardinier

Editor in Chief – The Political Bouillon


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