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Spring Bouillon

Dear Readers,

May marked the end of long winter months and the beginning of well deserved holidays for university students all across North America. We’d like to wrap up the month with an overview of the Bouillon’s latest articles, and invite you to follow us throughout the Summer, as we cover and analyse happenings at home and abroad. The news surely doesn’t stop when the temperatures grow warmer!

Check out this unique fiction-style piece by guest writer Kimon De Greef for a look at the abalone poaching market: Perlemoen : View from the Precipice.   Japan’s textbooks present a rewritten history that is both disrespectful to its neighbors, and disruptive to socio-economic stability. Game of Words and How it Shakes Asia – Japan’s History Textbooks and its Government by Tiffany Lee. The ceasefire between the PKK and Turkey might be a glimmer of hope, but expect a long road ahead –Go Southeast, Young Men: A Hopeful Ceasefire Between Turkey and the PKK  by Alex Langer.

Obama long warned that chemical weapons would be the thin red line for Syria, so where are the Americans? Read The Middle East’s Chemical Romance by Alex Langer for ideas as to their absence.More on Syria and al-Assad’s fight to the bitter end in The International Criminal Court and Its Consequences by Yuan Yi Zhu.

It’s no secret that the EU and Britain are odd bedfellows lately, but is immigration policy really to blame for Britain’s economic problems? Cameron’s “EU Reform” backfires at home by Hiba Ganta. Pipelines on the horizon in BC –  What the Re-Election of the BC Liberals Means for the Future of Proposed Pipeline Projects by Beth Mansell. With the separatist parties working towards a common goal, Is it time for the federalist left to unite in Quebec? Liberal and NDP Bickering Is Self-Defeating by Toufic Adlouni.

That’s all for now readers,


Meagan Potier


Isabelle Sokolnicka, Founder & President, and Meagan Potier, Editor-in-Chief, along with the entire Political Bouillon Team wish all our readers a lovely summer!


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