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Bouillon Weekly – Youth Unemployment

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The university fall session is just a month away, and this begs the question : where are Canadian youth sitting nowadays in terms of education and employment? Although Canada’s economy stabilizes and even grows,  youth unemployment for those under 25 is almost double the national rate of 7.1% according to a CIBC study that came out earlier this summer.It seems that transitioning from school to work in light of fierce competition for part-time work leaves us, students, without useful experience and ultimately a lot of loans. So despite being more educated than any previous Canadian generation, we are chronically underemployed or unemployed.

Solutions? The Liberals and the NDP have been calling out Harper on his disconnect to Canada’s youth and his lack of concern for our unemployment woes since early 2013. Little has been said on the matter as of late but the “generational change” incurred by the recent cabinet shuffle might, among other things, been Harper’s way of reaching out to a younger crowd. This being said the new “Employment and Social Development” minister (and previous Citizenship and Immigration minister) Jason Kenney isn’t exactly new blood.  Let’s hope he’ll have more to offer our youth than really pricey and largely ineffectual Economic Action Plan ads.

More on hot topics in Canadian politics: should new Canadian citizens be forced to swear an oath to the queen as an ode to our heritage, or is it a colonialist throwback? Check out “Free and Democratic” Society: The Canadian Contradiction  by Eli Zivot for a look at the latter side of opinions.  The recent cabinet shuffle had Harper giving Quebec  the cold shoulder.Given the lack of Conservative support in Quebec it probably comes as no surprise, but its starting to feel like some Quebeckers aren’t the only ones hoping for a Canada free of La Belle Province.  What do you think? Read Remaniement du cabinet Harper: une croix définitive sur le Québec by Pier Alexandre Lemaire.

Elsewhere, Another look at Chinese education in China’s Education Woes – Part 2: Urban China by Tiffany Lee. Did a generation of overprotective parents make for some miserable and rebellious teens? Both parts are available in French too, part 1 and part 2. An update of Egypt: the power and prowess of the Egyptian military is undeniable, especially lately. Read The Pharaohs in Uniform by our resident Middle East expert for a compelling opinion on the topic. Can’t get enough of Egypt? There’s also Egyptian Aid and What it Says about America by Katherine McNamara for a look at Egyptian-American relations in light of continued instability in the country.

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