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Bouillon Weekly – The Politics of the Pipeline

It probably came as no surprise to most of you that not long after the Lac Megantic tragedy, a pipeline that would carry gas across the province of Quebec has been announced. In some ways this makes sense – in light of a tragedy of this nature, changes impacting security and risk will be made to mitigate future challenge. But is a pipeline really the answer? Trains notwithstanding, Quebec doesn’t want a pipeline, for obvious safety and environmental reasons.  The railway explosion at Megantic was an unprecedented tragedy, and the flurry of train accidents that came in the weeks that follow undoubtedly added to train transit’s current bad rap.

This being said, should this be a question of mode of transportation, or a question of safety regulation? No matter the way oil is transported, somewhere down the line a person will be responsible for ensuring the safety of the cargo. In the case of this train in question, there were factors that should have been considered – the train was said to have a “high risk for incident” and likely to “lose cargo on impact”. So why was this train being used to transport dangerous materials? We don’t know and no one wants to take responsibility for the situation. On Friday the FRA (Federal Railroad Administration) in the USA put forward an emergency order to try and mitigate any issues of safety, they also provided a list of recommended protocols. But it looks like this won’t be enough: the Energy East pipeline is experiencing a real push, and it is undoubtable that the Lac Megantic tragedy played a helping hand.


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– Meagan Potier

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