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Bouillon Weekly: At least he’s not Rob Ford, right?

Dear readers,

this week has been all about municipal politics. Montreal’s  turnout last week was dismal, roughly 43% of eligible voters,  but was slightly better than the last municipal elections.   Of  that 43%  of voters,  32% (or 13% of all eligible voters) elected former long-time liberal MP Denis Coderre. For most voters this felt like “business-as-usual” elections with Coderre being a well-versed political animal and pretty much slated for a win since he threw his name into the hat. Either way, Coderre might benefit from our currently very low expectations, as long as he doesn’t get thrown out on corruption charges he can’t be that bad, right? At least he’s not Rob Ford, right?

The only real surprise here was in the margins, everyone expect Coderre to win, but no one expected Melanie Joly to get anywhere. The young politician might be inexperienced, but given our recent experience with experienced politicians this actually worked to her advantage. I don’t know how well the “no experience” thing would have played out with multi-billion dollar budget and thousands of employees, but not getting elected might give her a chance to get the experience she campaigned on not having.

Of course all of this has pales in comparison to the drama and intrigue of the Ford crack-confession. While new videos and allegations roll in Ford continues to refuse to step down and it looks like the only way he intends to leave the mayor’s office is in handcuffs. Watch the original video here and check out the “murder rant” video that came out a couple days ago here. Following the release of this one he his lawyers alluded to the fact that he might be considering rehab, but until we hear him say it directly it seems doubtful. Concordia writer for The Political Bouillon David Hughes covered the story in  Behind a Scandal: What Rob Ford Really Means for Toronto.

Canada dairy farmers are too distracted by trade agreements to care about our country’s metropolitan mayors. Are artisanal cheesemakers spoiled? Writer Kathryn Rockwell thinks so:  Spoiled Canadian Dairy Farmers Cry Out Against Prospective Canada-EU Free Trade Agreement.  Can’t get into municipal politics either? Check out   2013 Swaziland Elections: Real Change or Royal Farce?  by Gabriel Ning for a look at democracy in one of the world’s remaining true monarchies.

That’s all for now readers,

Meagan Potier


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