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Bouillon Weekly: #QC2014

Hey readers,

Predictably, the topic of today’s Weekly is the upcoming Quebec election. Provincial politics has seen its fair share of electoral drama lately between Christy Clark’s shocking victory over the British Columbia NDP, and the Alberta P.C party’s Allison Redford abruptly stepping down as Premier amidst allegations of corruption and party infighting. The Quebec election race has proved to be no exception, and the campaigning has reached an even more frenzied pitch during the final stretch. Barring some catastrophic polling failure, a Liberal victory seems all but assured. Whether it is a minority or majority victory, history will likely not view this as an election won by the Liberals, but rather one squandered by Pauline Marois and the PQ. 

Initially the polls were less concerned with who would win, but rather, what kind of government the PQ would ultimately form. Instead, determine.

The PQ’s issues were only further exacerbated by provoking anglophone students and ethnic/religious minorities. As a result, the Liberals appear poised to win, the surging CAQ is siphoning off PQ voters, and Pauline Marois will likely be clearing out her desk. The Parti Liberal did not run a particularly distinguished campaign, nor was Couillard a particularly good campaigner. Yet they are in all likelihood ready to supplant one of the most divisive, corrosive, and ideologically backwards leaders in recent Canadian history as a result of her own implosion.

The Bouillon’s election coverage this week has been fast and furious. The McGill team came out in full force against the PQ’s attempts to stifle the student voice. Be sure to check out Michael Swistara’s piece as he sounds off on the PQ and his own experience in attempting to vote. Similarly, Mohy-Dean-Tabara discusses the representation of minorities in Quebec politics. Sadly, voter suppression tactics are not isolated to Quebec alone. Harry McAlevey details the issues of minority voting rights in the United States at a time where it has never seemed more pertinent to Quebec.

On a completely unrelated, but no less interesting note, Concordia’s M’Lisa Colbert wrote a very controversial piece defending the Copenhagen zoo’s animal euthanization. While it will undoubtedly ruffle a few feathers, she makes an interesting and spirited case and is well worth the read.

That’s it for now readers- have a good week, and I once again urge any undecided Quebecers to vote federalist, and join in on the undoing of Pauline Marois.

– Eli Vincent Zivot, Co-Editor in Chief

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Editor-in-Chief of the Political Bouillon, and a student of Political Science and Economics at Concordia University. Eli enjoys studying the economics behind public policy, and has a strong passion for Canadian politics. A dual citizen of Canada and Italy and former American resident, he also takes a keen interest in the politics of both the European Union and the United States. Eli joined the Political Bouillon in order to have a streamlined outlet for his political ranting.

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