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Bouillon Weekly: Putin, You Can’t Sit With Us

Dear Readers,

This week, the media has remained focused on the crisis in Ukraine.  With its annexation of Crimea, Russia has alienated itself from the world powers, and Putin’s actions have not gone unheeded.  

The US and its allies declared on March 24 that they were moving to isolate Russia from the G8.  This was done in an attempt to prevent escalation of the crisis, and the international coalition warned of tougher economic penalties if Putin chooses to press further into Ukraine.  Russia’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov responded to the announcement, saying “If our Western partners believe that such format is no longer needed, let it be so…we aren’t clinging for that format, and we won’t see a big problem if there are no such meetings.”  Clearly, the two sides are gearing up for a confrontation; indeed, this crisis has been touted as the worst of its kind since the end of the Cold War.  There’s lots more to learn about the situation, but hey, don’t take my word for it.  Check out our video interview with McGill Professor Maria Popova, a world-renowned expert on Post-Communist Development and Russian Politics.

In other news, the fallout of Justice Marc Nadon’s appointment to the Supreme Court has continued to make headlines.  This week, McGill’s Yuan Yi Zhu joined the debate with his article, “Much Ado about Nadon.”  Stay tuned for Co-Editor in Chief Eli Zivot’s response; Canadian politics hasn’t seen an ideological rivalry like theirs since Harper and Mulcair first squared off in Question Period.

For those still stewing about the prospect of Scottish independence, Concordia’s David Hughes has investigated the issue in “Kicking and Screaming: Cameron’s Case Against Scottish Independence Falls Short.”  McGill’s Michael Swistara has got US politics covered as usual with his piece, “Turning Texas Purple,” a discussion of why there might soon be more Democrats in the American Southwest.

That’s all for now folks – be sure to check out our Twitter feed (@ThePoliBouillon) and join the debate.

Have a wonderful week!


Katherine McNamara

Co-Editor in Chief


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