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Dear Readers,

it’s been awhile since you’ve had an update and a lot has happened in the last several weeks.  For the most part though, American news has occupied our radar. A tragic act of terrorism at the  Boston Marathon left the America reeling on April 15th,  and the question of how to treat the surviving suspect: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was a contentious. Some were calling for the 19 year-old to be treated as an armed combatant, despite his American citizenship, while others were shocked at the length of the period between his arrest and the receiving of his Miranda Rights.Three days later,  a deadly explosion in Waco, Texas shook America to its core. The dust having settled, the question of regulation has been brought to the fore, though as of yet it’s hard to tell whether or not any one organization (if any) might be held responsible.

Earlier this week, new gun legislation in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre was brought before the Senate. Despite the pleas of parents and promises of many a politician,  the bill that would have required more extensive background checks did not pass. Is the NRA to blame? Read A Shameful Senate: How the NRA asserts its influence  by Michael Swistara. Early in April Congress passed another Continuing Resolution so that the federal government might continue to function until the year end, for exactly what that means check out Congress Interrupted by Zoe Knowles.

Outside of the American frenzy, in Montreal, the preliminary hearings of the Luka Magnotta tailed off in mid-April. “Magnotta, who is accused of dismembering his lover, then mailing the body parts to schools across the country and to political parties, has been committed to trial on all five charges : first degree murder, committing indignity to a body, mailing obscene and indecent material, publishing obscene material, and criminally harassing Prime Minister Stephen Harper, as well as other members of the Parliament.” for more, check out The Preliminary Hearings of Luka R. Magnotta by Mathieu Dumont. Early in April, the death of Margaret Thatcher on April 8th incited mixed feelings from the U.K and the world at large – for more on Thatcher, see Tough Love for the Iron Lady by Chloe Giampolo.

In Bouillon news, our french site has picked up a new column called La prière politique by Paola Teulières , check it out  for a fresh take on religion in politics. Read the first installment, Le Brésil de Dilma: les évangélistes s’accaparent du pouvoir, for a glimpse into the rising power of evangelicals in Brazilian politics (don’t read french? An English translation will be out sometime next week).

That’s all for now readers,

Meagan Potier


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Student of World Religions and Political Science at McGill University. Meagan joined The Political Bouillon last year in hopes of being able to keep writing and editing, as well as foster her interests in international politics. As Managing Editor. Through her position she helps the Bouillon evolve into stronger and more comprehensive publication that embodies the myriad of opinions and perspectives it represents.

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