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Dear Readers,

this week’s news was all about North Korean missiles and their launch capability.  The international community has grown tired with the country’s threats and their continued belligerency. The Unites States has vowed to take their threats seriously (despite no evidence of North Korea  preparing for a large scale attack), and China  has refused to send an envoy.

The world is poised for North Korea’s next move, however, what that move might be is hard to tell given the country’s record of unpredictability.  Curious about North and South Korea’s relations amid rising tensions? Read Tiffany Lee’s account in A Peninsula Back at War: what’s happening between North and South Korea?

In the United States, what does the news coverage of death of a teen by the NYPD reflect about the media? The death of Kimani Gray and the media machine by Molly Korab. Elsewhere in American news, what does this new law mean for discerning American citizens, if anything? Big Biotech and the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ : is America overreacting? by Asma To.  

The Zimbabwean citizens have almost unanimously voted for constitutional reform, but who knows if  Mugabe will let it happen.Read more in  Zimbabwe’s Fresh Start? by Emile Bouffard. The United Nations slowly retreating from Liberia might be interpreted by some as a marker of progress, but some Liberians are calling it premature. What do you think? Liberia – A Phoenix from the Ashes, or Destined for Flames? by new writer Kali Corrigan.

Continued turmoil in Syria might not bode well for Lebanon given their long and complicated history The Most Beautiful Part of Syria: Lebanon’s Fraught Relationship With Its “Big Brother” By Alex Langer. Would Western armaments for Syrian rebels lead to a faster end for the long and violent conflict? More on Syria in Should the West arm Syrian rebels?   by Theo Bourrelier.

That’s all for now readers,

Meagan Potier


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Student of World Religions and Political Science at McGill University. Meagan joined The Political Bouillon last year in hopes of being able to keep writing and editing, as well as foster her interests in international politics. As Managing Editor. Through her position she helps the Bouillon evolve into stronger and more comprehensive publication that embodies the myriad of opinions and perspectives it represents.

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