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Dear readers,

This week worldwide news headlines buzzed with the announcement of the new Pope. Most were surprised by the choice; the Argentinian cardinal hadn’t even been in the running according to most, and  he wasn’t the fresh new face that many seemed to be expecting. Reaction in Canada was mixed. Most Canadians welcomed Pope Francis as someone who would bring greater focus to the developing world, however others were disappointed that Marc Ouellet didn’t make the cut. This wasn’t the only disappointment suffered by Canadians this week, federal Liberal party members lost their second favourite candidate for leadership on Wednesday. It seems that Garneau didn’t like his chances and felt it better to simply drop out and throw his support behind Trudeau.

Skeptical of the Liberal party membership numbers? More on membership and Canadian politics in Always Eat Before Going to a Bad Party by Nadir Khan. Canada has to deal with the RCMP issue in Northern Vancouver – The Failure of Justice – RCMP and Aboriginal Women ,a heart-wrenching piece by Emile Bouffard. Federal politics doesn’t have the monopoly on controversy – check out this interview Exclusive Interview with Ameya Pendse, concerning candidate for SSMU Presidency Chris Bangs by Matthew Cressatti for your fill of McGill campus politics.

Could mutual medical need be used as a move towards bridging the chasm between North and South Korea? Check out  ‘Vaccine diplomacy’: A Prescription for North and South Korea  by Asmae Toumi. What do the recent elections in Kenya mean for the future of its citizens – Fear and loathing in Kenya: elections, war crimes and cheap nostalgia  by Henry Fieglar.

That’s all for now readers,

see you next week!

Meagan Potier

(Photo credit: AttributionNo Derivative Works  Michael Ignatieff, Creative Commons, Flickr)

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Student of World Religions and Political Science at McGill University. Meagan joined The Political Bouillon last year in hopes of being able to keep writing and editing, as well as foster her interests in international politics. As Managing Editor. Through her position she helps the Bouillon evolve into stronger and more comprehensive publication that embodies the myriad of opinions and perspectives it represents.

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