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William Debost

Student of Economics, International Relations and History at McGill University. Born and raised in Paris, William holds French and Canadian dual citizenship. Biculturalism has always been an important part of his life, which is one of the reasons why he chose to study in Montreal. His main areas of interest in today’s world are the European Union, French politics, and current issues in political economy. He is delighted to take part in the Political Bouillon project, and has no doubt this experience will help him in his aspiration to be an “engaged spectator” (using the words of Raymond Aron) of world affairs.

Of German Spies, Russian Mafiosis, and a Debt Crisis

The euro crisis has taken the form of a succession of national crises threatening the integrity of the monetary union. The response, each time, involves heads of European states meeting in Brussels or Berlin to agree on a rescue plan and hesitantly approving the necessary improvements in European governance. After Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Greece, does it even matter who’s ...

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