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Veronica Aronova

Student of Political Science at McGill University, with minors in Spanish and Middle Eastern Studies. Veronica Aronov is of Russian origin—first generation New Yorker. A summer internship in journalism kick-started her interest in the field. Determined but at times lazy, Veronica enjoys taking walks and debating—some would say arguing loudly—about stuff like Soviet legacy, North America, and birds. For her, The Political Bouillon is a space to share her impassionate exasperation with contemporary politics, particularly in the former Eastern bloc and the United States since it turned blue.

Ladies of Chechnya

As a Russian state, Chechnya is subject to the laws mandated by the Russian Constitution. Based on the Russian Constitution, racial and gender discrimination is illegal. However, under the secondary leadership of vice-premier/head of state/president Ramzan Kadyrov, Chechen women face a different kind of reality. According to the Human Rights Watch, the “traditional conservative society” that state leaders are stubbornly trying to instate and maintain is ...

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