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Student of Political Science and Creative Writing at Concordia University. Trent is on a self-imposed exile from Toronto and the University of Toronto and now resides in Montreal. He was formerly involved in Cinema Politica and is now the Concordia New Democratic Party Coordinator of Internal and External Affairs. He enjoys writing, travelling, fashion, the opera, cuisine and the occasional Stephen Harper protest. Trent brings to the Political Bouillon a unique outside perspective on the insides of East Asian politics and human rights.

Hong Kong Democracy Under Threat and China’s Mandarinization Program: What Pauline Marois Can Learn from the Orient

“One country, two systems.” Neither British nor Chinese, Hong Kong is like nothing else in the Pacific East. Since the handover in 1997, the Pearl of the Orient has enjoyed a sort of “undemocratic democracy” and Western liberties under British protectorate for 156 years. Similar to Taiwan, HK also exists in a precarious status of independence from People’s Republic of ...

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