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Isabelle Sokolnicka AND Thy Anne Chu Quang

Isabelle Sokolnicka: Student of Political Science and Geography at McGill University. Isabelle is passionate about foreign languages (currently learning her 7th) and photojournalism. She was a finalist in the 2011 ‘Jeune Correspondant’ contest and as such, interned in the news room of Radio-Canada. This experience and her travels on 5 continents inspired her to create ‘The Political Bouillon’ – an innovative, student-run journal of political analysis that serves as a dynamic online platform for Concordia and McGill students to share their thoughts on current world issues. ********************************************************************* Thy Anne Chu Quang: Student of Political Science at McGill university. French according to her passport and Vietnamese in her blood, Thy Anne is passionate about languages (Vietnamese, French, English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and Modern Greek), travelling and music. She cherishes the beautiful project of the Political Bouillon and her goal is to promote and foster the French section.

Viêt Nam: following in China’s footsteps

A photo essay by Isabelle Sokolnicka and Thy Anne Chu Quang. Photos by Isabelle Sokolnicka.   To see the photo essay in full screen, click here.           French version:  Le Vietnam, en quête de son identité, emboîte le pas à la Chine

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