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Emma Meldrum

Student of Political Science and History at McGill University. Emma hails from a small, uninteresting city in Eastern Ontario, and enjoys leaving it as often as possible. Travelling around Canada, reading books by Canadian authors, and photographing Canadian scenery are her passions. She joined The Political Bouillon because she needed an alternative to ranting about Canadian politics to her friends and family. She hopes to combine her knowledge of history and politics into a perspective that encourages the regular Canadian to re-evaluate their culture and leaders.

Protests Against the FIPPA

On August 11th, the voices of the minority rang out on Parliament Hill. Despite the absence of MPs and Senators, about one hundred people demonstrated against the potential Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPPA). Their raised voices echoed ironically against the exterior walls of Langevin Bloc, unheeded by most who passed on the street. Indeed, FIPPAs are not ...

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