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Eli Vincent Zivot

Editor-in-Chief of the Political Bouillon, and a student of Political Science and Economics at Concordia University. Eli enjoys studying the economics behind public policy, and has a strong passion for Canadian politics. A dual citizen of Canada and Italy and former American resident, he also takes a keen interest in the politics of both the European Union and the United States. Eli joined the Political Bouillon in order to have a streamlined outlet for his political ranting.

Justin Trudeau’s Paradox of “Pro-Choice”

Canada’s Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau made headlines last week when he announced that all potential candidates running for nomination in the Liberal caucus for the 2015 federal election must support pro-choice ideals and policies on abortion. This top-down marching order seems at odds with Trudeau’s earlier announcements on opening candidate nominations in riding associations, as well as his proposal that ...

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