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Eli Vincent Zivot

Editor-in-Chief of the Political Bouillon, and a student of Political Science and Economics at Concordia University. Eli enjoys studying the economics behind public policy, and has a strong passion for Canadian politics. A dual citizen of Canada and Italy and former American resident, he also takes a keen interest in the politics of both the European Union and the United States. Eli joined the Political Bouillon in order to have a streamlined outlet for his political ranting.

A Reluctant Endorsement for the Ontario Liberals

The Ontario election has been characterized by bitter partisan sniping, outrageous grandstanding, and most disturbingly of all, a decidedly cynical and apathetic public. The incumbent Liberal government under Kathleen Wynne, and Dalton McGuinty before her, has been in power for 11 years. Issues of excessive and inefficient government have plagued the administration, and many say that they have presided over an ...

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