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Student of Political Science and History at McGill University. Cody was born in Montreal and raised on the West Island in the City Of Dollard-des-Ormeaux. His academic interests within the world of politics are diverse, including Middle Eastern conflict, Canadian/Quebec politics and all things related to questions of international security. When not writing for the Political Bouillon, Cody spends his time travelling, playing sports or watching science fiction movies. Cody joined The Political Bouillon to provide a local and outspoken perspective on important political matters affecting both Canada and the World.

How a Trudeau can be Canada’s next Prime Minister…Again

The race for the Grit leadership, following Astronaut MP Marc Garneau’s withdrawal, is now about over. Despite diminished challenges from Vancouver MP Joyce Murray and Ontario MP Martha Hall Findlay, recent LPC leadership polls indicate that Trudeau has 329.6 endorsements points amongst fellow Liberals, accounting for approximately a 94.6 % share of the points. More significantly, Trudeau has a been ...

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