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Chloe Giampaolo

Student of Political Science at McGill University. Born and raised in Montreal, Chloe has just recently rediscovered her love for her hometown’s architecture, fashion, cafes, restaurants, and culture; but most of all, its riveting politics. Her fascination with words and adoration of quotes has ignited in her a passion for writing, which she hopes to share with her fellow writers. She would like to raise attention to Canadian politics, more specifically that of McGill’s surroundings.

South Africa, Shattered by Gender-Based Violence

Lately, South Africa’s courtrooms seem busier than most. Is this an illusion because of the prevalence of high profile cases, or is it reality? More often than not, a high profile case is usually required to bring attention to injustice and discrimination against women, or simply put, gendered violence. The highly mediatized case of Oscar Pistorius is in the spotlight, receiving much ...

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