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Chloe Giampaolo

Student of Political Science at McGill University. Born and raised in Montreal, Chloe has just recently rediscovered her love for her hometown’s architecture, fashion, cafes, restaurants, and culture; but most of all, its riveting politics. Her fascination with words and adoration of quotes has ignited in her a passion for writing, which she hopes to share with her fellow writers. She would like to raise attention to Canadian politics, more specifically that of McGill’s surroundings.

Justin Trudeau: The New Face of the Liberals?

On the second of May, in 2011, the Conservative party was crowned as the majority government. This election was a time of firsts; it was the first time the Green party won a seat in parliament. It was also the first time the Liberals obtained the lowest number of seats ever recorded in their existence. With the NDP orange crush ...

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