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Camilo Ucros

Student of History and Economics at McGill University. Born in Colombia and raised in Ecuador, Camilo joined The Political Bouillon to offer an insider’s perspective on Latin America’s dynamics and how they fit within the global context. He expects to contribute to the reader’s understanding of this heterogeneous region, complex due to the quantity and diversity of influences that shaped it to its modern image. Among his interests stand literature and a rather irrational passion for football (yeah, soccer).

Chasing a Chimeric Peace – Colombia and the FARC

In 1999, Colombians witnessed, disillusioned, as the founder and ideological leader of the FARC, Manuel Marulanda ‘Tirofijo’, missed the opening ceremony to the peace talks with Andres Pastrana’s government. His empty seat eventually became a symbol of the failed negotiations and an extension of the civil war.  14 years later, a new round of negotiations with Juan Manuel Santos’ government ...

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