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Dear readers,

This week was an important one for the United States as President Obama was sworn into office for his second term. He certainly faces another budget showdown as Congress approved another temporary lift of  the debt ceiling for  the next three months. This key week gives a glimpse into America’s next four years not only on the domestic front but in terms of  foreign policy as well. Secretary Clinton is stepping down and putting  the grueling Senate testimony on the Benghazi attack behind her, that also took place this week. Rising violence in North Africa will be an important focus for newly appointed Secretary of State John Kerry and Alex Moon paints a grim picture of the risks of ignoring a rising tide of extremism.

At long last, Canadians (and some Americans) can all relax and rejoice during this frigid weather and start following their favorite NHL teams again. This 113-day lockout, pitting two sides of millionaires versus billionaires, seems to be resolved for at least a decade. Alex Langer used the lockout shenanigans to actually analyze a much deeper meaning of the overall decline of North American labor unions.

With Americans celebrating a smooth continuation of power under Obama and Montrealers ecstatic to ab0ut the Habs being back, Europe is once again facing a concerning problem with the small EU member Cyprus. William Debost is reporting that the minuscule island nation is requesting a €17 billion bailout which wouldn’t seem so extreme if it weren’t for their puny population of only 1.1 million people. Russian oligarchs, tax havens and a Communist president should be enough to peak your curiosity.

Finally, our partners at the European Student Think Tank published a piece by Frederick Van Mierlo, who looks behind Cameron’s call for Britain to remain in the EU, for  the continuation of such an alliance given the growing rank of eurosceptics

See you all next week!


Alexander Gardinier 

Editor-in-Chief – The Political Bouillon


(Featured photo: AttributionNoncommercial bobby75jfk. Creative Commons, Flickr)

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