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Bouillon Weekly: Nuclear Deal

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less than 24 hours ago Iran and world leaders from the United States, France, Germany, Britain, China and Russia reached a historic nuclear deal to mixed reactions. Hopefuls argue that it is the first step towards ensuring that Iran does not build a nuclear weapon.  While on the other hand, Israel has called the deal a ‘historic mistake’ and many countries in the region responded negatively with a small coalition of Gulf states and Israel standing against it.

The deal in place allows for the continue of the lower- grade uranium enrichment program, considered important by Iran for nuclear self-sufficiency and the production of alternative energy sources needed for a growing population, while halting the enrichment of higher grade uranium.The brokered deal also allows for daily monitoring by international nuclear inspections, and halted the production of a heavy water reactor that could one day produce plutonium.

The deal has already had positive economic impacts for Iran with the rial up more than three percent since the news of the deal broke. Sanctions have for the most part remained steady, but were partially lifted on the automotive industry, and in addition, access to trade in precious metals such as gold is also a lucrative possibility for the country. The country could also potentially gain access to 4.2$ billion in oil sales.The sanction structure will largely remain in place until a final deal is struck.Although both the USA and Iran see this as a first step towards building a stronger relationship of trust, the deal comes with a six month term during which Iran must honour its commitments while a more comprehensive agreement is struck.

This week, Bouillon coverage has focused on American coverage, but abroad and at home. Video commentator Daan Rozenbroek talks the ethics and reality of the drone program  in the Middle East, be sure to watch here and feel free to comment! More on American politics and the problem of re-districting for political gain in Gerrymandering and the Art of Legal Election Fraud by Harry McAlevey. Health care has and likely always will be a contentious issue in the U.S.A and the Obamacare plan is no different, read Yuan Yi Zhu’s Lies, Damn Lies, and Obamacare for a look at some of the promises it hasn’t managed to keep.

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