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As this is being written, Cyprus is broiling with economic turmoil. The country is  midst a series of international emergency talks that will determine the economic future of the country. Whether or not Cyprus secures the €10 billion bailout, the country’s problems are far from over.  A world over the last Liberal leadership debate in Canada that took place yesterday in Montreal and Trudeau remains the clear winner, though he and Joyce Murray did bicker over electoral strategy

Is the defensive nature of Quebec’s anglos unjustified? Quebec-Bashing: The National Pass-time of Anglo Media by Pier Alexandre Lemaire.  The Republicans are looking to bring in a younger voter base to lead to party to victory, read more in CPAC: Same Conference, A New Message by new writer Piotr Pietruczuk.  Some people might have been disappointed by Quebecer Marc Ouellet not winning the papacy, but not Paola Teulières – Post-Papal Elections Reflection: Quebec got Lucky. Is it time for the Catholic church to modernize?

China isn’t always known for playing nice with neighbours – but what does the Xi Jinping’s presidency mean for the country’s foreign policy? Foreign Policy Under Xi Jinping: China’s Strenuous Journey towards Peaceful Development by Alison Li. Economics isn’t all the EU has to worry about, with concerns about sustainability on the rise, the environment is a political issue no one can afford to ignore – The Obstacles in the Creation of a Common EU Energy Policy by E.S.T guest-writer Aleksander Thomas.


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(Featured photo: AttributionNoncommercialNo Derivative Works European Parliament, Creative Commons, Flickr)

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Student of World Religions and Political Science at McGill University. Meagan joined The Political Bouillon last year in hopes of being able to keep writing and editing, as well as foster her interests in international politics. As Managing Editor. Through her position she helps the Bouillon evolve into stronger and more comprehensive publication that embodies the myriad of opinions and perspectives it represents.

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