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Lara Gosselin

Concordia University Undergraduate student, Majoring in Political Science with a double Minor in Law & Society and Marketing. Lara has lived in Montreal for the past seven years, although remains tied to her hometown of Toronto. Her interest in U.S. politics derives from her numerous travels across the country, and second home in the southern-state of Florida. Lara joined the Political Bouillon in hopes to contribute to the active and opinionated student atmosphere of the city.

Islamophobia and the West: An Alarming Epidemic

The major media headlines debuting in the New Year have boasted that for the first time since 2010, the box office topped $1 billion in January. American Sniper brought in over $330 million, which will rank second all-time among R-rated movies behind The Passion of the Christ ($370.8 million) – which is quite telling in itself. In the article published ...

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