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Emile Bouffard

Student of Political Science at Concordia University. Emile is very interested in environmental politics and problems of social inequality. He joined the Political Bouillon as a way to find out more about the issues that appeal to him, and to frame them in a way that people can understand. Writing for this organization is something he sees as a great opportunity. He is excited to work with fellow students and discuss important political matters, and to get the word out there. He feels very lucky to be a part of this project!

Zimbabwe’s Fresh Start?

On the 16th of March 2013, Zimbabweans voted 94.5 percent in favor of a new constitution during a referendum. The constitution enshrines basic rights and freedoms, gender rights, and sets presidential terms, while keeping a few of the old presidential powers. However doubts remain as to whether or not it will be honoured by the long-time president Robert Mugabe.  This was the ...

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